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Private Label Products

At "BEST VALUE" we constantly prove the honest and trusting relationship that we have built with our customers  by making sure that our private label products combine high quality with a low price.

The Private Label Products of the “BEST VALUE” store

Responding to market demands for quality and cost-effective solutions, we offer a full range of more than 1,200 products of non-negotiable quality, with easy to use and modern packaging.

Our Private Label brands are the following: 

  • Our two main brands, ALTA & PAPPY, with a large variety of products for your daily needs:
    • ALTA gusto and ALTA kouzina for food products
    • PAPPY home, PAPPY soft and PAPPY for you, for home care, paper goods and personal hygiene respectively
  • Our cost value BEST PRICE range which consists of goods with the lowest prices within their categories
  • Our specialized brands, which are not included in the previous private label product groups, the GARGARO water and FILOS pet food

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Benefits for the independent retailers and Catering/Food service operators

By selecting our Private Label Brands, both independent retailers and Catering/Food service operators gain major benefits:

Quality Assurance

We work with exceptional producers, including small local businesses. The key criteria we use to select our suppliers are very strict, as we put significant focus on quality and cost-efficiency. Furthermore, we pay attention to the repute and credibility of the producers’ companies as well as their  environmental conscientiousness.

We use specific and strict criteria to select our suppliers that produce our Private Label Products, such as:

  • Certified Quality Management and Food Safety system (HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO)
  • Production capacity
  • Know-how
  • Credibility
  • Cost efficiency

Our Private Label Product’s specifications are compared with known market brands, in order to make sure that they meet all European law requirements both regarding the product per se and its packaging. The final sample is checked for flavour and quality, to certify that all the required specifications are fulfilled. After everything is found satisfactory, the production of Private Label Products is approved, and they are dispatched to the stores.

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