Our customers


Aiming to build a relationship of reliability and trust with all our customers, the BEST VALUE store is addressed to Catering/Food operators, who belong to the following main categories:

  • Restaurants, grills, tavernas, etc.
  • Cafeterias, bars, coffee shops
  • Hotels and rental rooms
  • Fast food businesses, e.g. crepes, fast food, pizzerias, canteens
  • Pastry shops - bakeries

Our store fully matches the needs of all our customer groups, by offering:

  • The most competitive prices
  • Grocery and meat products of outstanding freshness
  • The option of buying small quantities, so to avoid storing excessive inventory Fast and convenient purchases, in a single space, with easy access and parking
  • Rich variety of products to meet their business’s needs (more than 20,000 products)
  • Comprehensive range of more than 1000 private label products, which combine quality with very competitive prices

In case you are interested in becoming a customer of our " BEST VALUE" store and benefit from the unique offers, quality and variety of products that we offer exclusively for our customers, register now.