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METRO Financials

METRO S.A. is a financially stable business.

All indexes place us in the top three most profitable businesses of the sector in Greece, and they have been constantly improving. We have been growing thanks to steady, and not rushed, moves, based on our goal to expand by creating/building new profitable stores, to constantly upgrade our existing ones and at the same time control costs. A large part of our growth is organic, stemming from our existing stores. This has a highly positive effect on the end financial result.

You can find below the company's balance sheets for years 2015, 2016 and 2017:

Despite the fact that METRO SA invests every year in its infrastructure and expansion (it owns most of its new stores), the reinvestment of its high profits allows it to avoid taking out bank loans, while at the same time maintaining one of the shortest supplier payment periods in the sector.

Financial indicators in Greece

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