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Competitive Advantages

“BEST VALUE” now in Cyprus, ready to win you over by offering:

Competitive prices

Thanks to our negotiating capability, we always ensure the best for our customers through our suppliers. Our priority is our customers’ financial viability, and we therefore pass on to you any profit gained through our negotiating advantage, which enables us to offer the most competitive prices.


At “BEST VALUE” you can find a large variety of products, with more than 20,000 choices, all accumulated in one place, which can meet all your needs, saving time and money for transport. We further offer a full range of more than 1.200 different private label products, which combine quality with highly competitive prices, for an even better profit margin for you.

Purchases with no limits.

We offer you the option of choosing the quantities you wish to purchase, with no minimum purchase or packaging limitations, always at low prices, in order for you to be able to put your working capital at the best possible use.


We always make sure that our products meet the strictest criteria and are of the highest quality, while at the same time keeping you informed about all the market’s latest trends. Our buyers are constantly searching and selecting the best goods and we always meticulously check the products we receive to ensure their quality.

We put special focus on the fresh product sections, with outstanding quality and freshness being our first priority. We always inform you about the origin of our products with total honesty, as we firmly believe that our relationship needs to be built on absolute trust.


For us each customer is a partner. That is why our people are always there for you, either in our store or by visiting your premises, to inform you and offer useful advice that can help you maximise your profit.

Saving time

At “BEST VALUE” we are well-aware that time is valuable for the independent retailers and Catering/Food service operators and that is why we try to make shopping as convenient and fast as possible. Our stores are strategically located on main road arteries outside the city center, allowing for easy and fast access, and have ample parking space. Our sales areas are specially designed and have appropriate signs to make your shopping easier.


We keep constant communication with you, by sending a leaflet with our offers every two weeks. In addition we make sure to inform you on all available media about any competitions offers and actions that may be of your interest.

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