Our Products

Categories of products

At the “BEST VALUE" store, our customers can find, in a single space, a variety of products that serve the needs of a large range of businesses, such as:

  • Grocery stores - Mini Markets - Convenience stores - Kiosks

We offer a wide variety of fresh products (such as e.g. cold cuts, cheeses, dairy, fruit and vegetables), packaged foods (chocolates, snacks, pasta, legumes, oils, breakfast products and others), beverages (drinks, soft drinks, juices, etc.), and detergents, cleaning products, etc., and we always provide our customers with personalised services and consulting support.

  • Restaurants - Tavernas - Pizzerias - Cafeterias - Bars

We offer a wide variety of products in large business packages (food, fresh products, beverages-soft drinks, detergents, papers, etc.), and a broad range of products to equip your business (e.g. dishes, cups, cutlery, etc.)

  • Hotels - Rental rooms

Our customers can find an extensive variety of all the necessary food products in large business packages for your catering needs as well as cleaning and paper goods to equip the rooms of your unit.

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