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The “BEST VALUE” store is a subsidiary of METRO SA, which was the first to introduce the Cash & Carry type of operation in Greece in 1976, and which it has been constantly adapting ever since to meet market needs.

Our long experience in wholesale, our organizational structure and our respect for the needs of independent retailers and Catering/Food service operators, in combination with our profound desire for outstanding service, are just a few of the factors which helped us succeed in becoming and remaining the leading and largest Cash & Carry network in Greece.

The “BEST VALUE” store is addressed to independent retailers (e.g. mini markets, convenience stores, grocery stores) and Catering/Food service operators (e.g. restaurants, pizzerias, hotels). The store will be operating in a new modern building, with ample parking space, where the Lemeco historical factory once used to stand, at the junction of Misiaouli & Kavazoglou and Koch Streets. “BEST VALUE” is offering a particularly modern and fresh product mix, which addresses to meet the needs of the most discerning modern customer, with more than 20,000 different products on stock.

A key priority of the company's team is to build trust and a good professional relationship with all its customers, starting from their first visit to our store. A collaborating relationship that withstands the test of time, with the purpose of supporting and effectively contributing towards their economic growth and prosperity.

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